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Person completing application Title or Position

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Date of Application _________________________________________

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Refer to General Standards of Education and Training for details.

Please complete a separate form for each program for which you request membership.

Program Title: _________________________________________________________________

Total Credit Hrs: ___________________________________________

Degree Granted (MA, MS, etc.): _______________________________

Years required for completion: ________________________________

Please indicate in the space provided how the program meets each of the membership standards. Additional pages may be added if needed.

I. In what way is the program identifiable as a psychology program? (This may be by administrative location, disciplinary affiliation and training of the faculty, etc.)

II. CAMPP standards require programs document that their organization and structure are consistent with the mission of the program. Please attach materials (e.g., catalog, graduate brochures) that provide a statement of your mission.

III. Please indicate how student competence is insured in each of the areas below (e.g., course requirement, examination, etc.). Attach catalog and other program materials for documentation.

A. General/Theoretical Psychology

i. Biological bases of behavior (if appropriate for the specialty)

ii. Acquired or learned bases of behavior

iii. Social/Cultural bases of behavior

iv. Individual/Unique bases of behavior (developmental, personality, etc.)

B. Research techniques (minimum one course in research design and/or statistics)

C. Applied Psychology

i. Theory and applications of psychological principles and theories

ii. Supervised experience

iii. Ethical and professional standards

iv. Sensitivity to social and cultural diversity

v. Assessment relevant to goals of training program

D. Describe entrance standards and selection procedures which ensure that admitted students have the intellectual and personal capabilities to become competent professionals.

E. How are student competence and professional behavior assessed prior to completion of the program?

F. Number and training of faculty providing applied education and training in the program. Total number of full-time faculty in the department ________

G. Please indicate the number of full-time and part-time students admitted last year:

i. Full-time (9 12 hrs) __________

ii. Part-time __________

iii. Full-time Equivalent (if available) ______________

Category of membership desired: _______ Member ________ Affiliate

Please return in triplicate with $95 application fee to:

Dave Provorse, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology

Washburn University

1700 SW College Avenue

Topeka, KS 66621




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