Dear CAMPP Member,

     Many Psychology department heads and program directors are looking for

help during these challenging times to show the quality and value of their

master’s programs in psychology. Peer driven documentation of the quality

of a program can prove helpful in demonstrating to your administration the

quality of work your faculty and students are doing. Additionally, having an

outside statement from an accrediting body that your program is doing well

but would benefit from more faculty members, lab space or financial support

may be helpful to get the funding you need. If you could use that type of

peer support, we encourage you to consider applying for accreditation for

your psychology programs with the Masters in Psychology Accreditation

Committee (MPAC). MPAC is the psychology division of MPCAC, a not

for profit entity that accredits masters programs in both psychology and


     MPAC was formed in 1995 following two conferences on master’s in

psychology education to provide the opportunity for master’s degree

programs to become accredited. The goal was then, and remains now, to set

standards of excellence for master’s programs. The first program was

accredited in 1996 and now there are twenty one programs at nineteen

different Universities that are proud to be acknowledged for their quality by

MPAC. MPAC’s programs report that accreditation provides them with

evidence of the quality of their programs, help directors set goals for

improvement, and ensures the entire faculty has a better understanding of

their own strengths. Accreditation can also be a key factor in attracting

students who are looking for quality programs in which to invest their time

and money. These are valuable tools at any time, but especially during these

difficult times when resources are lean and student recruitment is so

competitive. Having the support of your peers and proof of the high quality

of work you are doing can be vital.

     MPAC invites you to join the Universities who are already accredited. The

cost is minimal compared to other accrediting bodies but the benefits are

many. Please visit the organization’s website at MPCACsite.org for more



Mac Powell, PhD

Chair, Council of Applied Master's Programs in Psychology

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