CAMPP Standards Questionnaire for CAMPP Members

The CAMPP Executive Committee would like to solicit your input in the standards revision process. We have identified 10 content areas for close scrutiny. Please provide feedback on any or all of the following topics. You might want to review the current standards available at We greatly appreciate your interest and involvement.

  1. What should be the minimum number of required hours for a program? Should this vary by type of program or be the same for all programs?

  1. Should the standards be written in a competencies or a course work format? That is should we expect to see easily recognized courses in a required area or may the content be spread across the curriculum? And if spread, how far (across 2, 3, 5, etc. courses)?

  1. Should undergraduate courses be allowed to fulfill subject area requirements? Should programs have prerequisite undergraduate course requirements?

  1. What types and quantities of assessment experiences should be required?

  1. Should greater specificity be given to "coursework appropriate for the discipline?" What courses or topics would we expect to see included here?

  1. What further definition can be given to the requirement for "theory, application, and history in the subdiscipline?" What courses or topics would we expect to see included here?

  1. What specific activities should be required in practicum or internship? [or do we want to ask "should the activities to be required in practicum or internship be specified?]

  1. Should there be specialty standards for each subdiscipline (similar to those promulgated by SIOP for IO)? If so, how should they be developed - by CAMPP or by other professional groups?

  1. What are the expected maximum student/faculty ratios? Should "sufficient number of appropriately trained faculty" be defined?

  1. What types of distance learning experiences should be acceptable?

  1. What other issues are important to you related to the standards revision?

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