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Council of Applied Masters Programs in Psychology
Volume 13, Issue 1 Summer, 2005

CAMPP was formed in 1986 to foster the advancement of master's training and education in applied psychology in all of its aspects, by disseminating information and formulating policies concerning master's training and education, by representing applied master's programs in appropriate forums, and by establishing and maintaining standards of training and education for master's programs in applied psychology.

In this issue:
  • Conference October 5, 2005
  • CAMPP PowerPoints
  • E-CAMPP - It's Here (includes info about the On-Line Survey on Standards) 
  • Steal the Logo!" 
  • Executive Committee News- 
    Parts I and II
  • CAMPP-NAMP Cooperation
  • Farewell to Gary Hanson
  • Join CAMPP
  • Executive Committee of CAMPP

CAMPP will hold a special conference to review and revise (if necessary) CAMPPÂ’s standards.  It has been 10 years since they were written.  Many changes have occurred over the past decade, such as more on-line courses and changes in state licensure laws.  The agenda is on page 2.  This will be a working conference, with Executive Committee serving as facilitators.  There is no registration fee for the conference. The conference will be held on the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus, Charlotte , NC .  To register, email Bob Brubaker (Robert.Brubaker@eku.edu) or complete the registration form attachment The Drury Hotel has reserved a block of rooms at the University discount rate ($59.99 for all rooms).  Contact the hotel directly by September 21, 2005 , to receive the discount.  Identify your group as CAMPP, hosted by UNC Charlotte. Call Drury Hotel (704-593-0700). 

Agenda Items

  • Plenary - History of CAMPP and the results of our focus groups at the various conferences

  • Number of credit hours

  • Core competency areas

  • Assessment coursework

  • Significant supervisory experiences

  • Dealing with field placement

  • Licensure issues

  • Dealing creatively with licensure

  • MPAC accreditation

  • Future of CAMPP - broadening focus/relationship with NAMP

  • Future of CAMPP - how to best serve schools

  • Future CAMPP conferences

  • Plan for pulling together new standards

  • Other suggestions?

CAMPP Website PowerPoints

The CAMPP website (http://www.camppsite.org) contains three PowerPoint presentations for downloading and use:

  • M.A. Training in I/O
  • Master's Education for Professionals (myths and facts about M.A. education, for presentation to colleagues and professional groups)
  • Master's Education for Prospective Students

E-CAMPP - It's here!

  1. New on the CAMPP website
    The CAMPP "On-Line Survey" for member programs is now on the CAMPP Website. Please help us consider the revision of training standards in M.A. programs by taking a few minutes to complete this 11 item questionnaire on your program and opinions. 

  2. Outcome Assessment Survey
    A survey, developed by Bob Brubaker, that programs may use to follow up on graduates and to assist as programs prepare for MPAC accreditation.

  3. Already on the website
    1. Links to member programs.
    2. Link and address for subscribing to the CAMPP listserve.
    3. Searchable U.S. Map with embedded links to member programs.
    4. CAMPP membership standards and information about applying for membership. 

Steal the Logo!

Advertise your membership in CAMPP by listing your membership on your Department's or Program's website. "Steal the Logo!" means putting the distinctive CAMPP logo on your website - it's easy. Go to the CAMPP website, position the cursor over the logo, right click and SAVE the image onto your harddrive - then just import it to your web pages as you would a photograph. Or, steal it from the electronic LFC!

Executive Committee News - Part I and II

New Officers
Dr. Don Beal, Eastern Kentucky University, and Dr. David Gilmore, University of North Carolina Charlotte, were recently elected to 3-year terms on the Executive Board of CAMPP. Don is Coordinator of clinical training in the department of psychology. David is a founding member of the NC Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. Dr. Robert Kennerley, University of Central Florida, has also been elected to a 1-year term to fill Mark Ashcraft's vacancy (see below). Bob is Coordinator of UCF's MA in Clinical Psychology. Welcome to Don, David, and Bob!

Mark Ashcraft
Dr. Mark Ashcraft
, resigned from the EC to accept the position of chair of the Psychology Dept. of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Best of luck, Mark! 

NAMP Conference

NAMP, the Northamerican Association of Masters in Psychology, is the professional association for M.A.-level practitioners in Psychology - it's the association that our graduates join. NAMP will hold its annual conference at the end of October, in Charlotte, NC. Please contact Margaret Joyal, margaretj@wcmhs.org for more information. CAMPP's and NAMP's respective Executive Committees held a joint meeting in Wichita, KS, October 2004, to discuss ways of increasing their collaboration and mutual support. Both committees agreed to continue having liaisons from each association to attend the other's Executive Committee meetings. CAMPP member programs are encouraged to inform their students about this professional association and the benefits of membership. For further information, go to http://www.enamp.org

Farewell to Gary Hanson

t is with sadness that we announce Dr. Gary W. Hanson's death. He was a champion of masters level education and had maintained the CAMPP listserv. He was currently serving as Chair of the Masters in Psychology Accreditation Council (MPAC). Gary was Chair of the Psychology Department at Francis Marion University for 11 years and was currently serving as Vice-President for Administration at Francis Marion. His commitment to Psychology is well known. According Dr. John Hester, Chair of the Psychology Department, Francis Marion University, "despite his many administrative duties he remained very involved in our department." Gary had heart bypass surgery Thursday, May 5, 2005. Due to complications, he died the following weekend. 

Reminder to Member Programs

CAMPP's by-laws call for deleting programs from membership if dues have not been paid during the past two years. Make sure you've paid! Several programs have renewed because of these reminders - has your program paid its dues? 

Executive Committee

Members and non-members alike, please feel free to contact any member of the Executive Committee for information about membership, with information about developments in your program or university relevant to M.A. training in psychology, or with information from your state or region that would be of interest to CAMPP and its member programs. Or visit the CAMPP website, for further information.
Website: http://www.camppsite.org

Dr. Steve Haggbloom, Chair, steven.haggbloom@wku.edu 
Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY

Dr. Robert Kennerley, Secretary, rkennerl@mail.ucf.edu 
University of Central Florida 

Dr. Bob Brubaker, Treasurer, Robert.Brubaker@eku.edu 
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY 

Dr. Judith Marsh, Membership Chair, marshj@arcadia.edu 
Arcadia University, Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Don Beal, Newsletter Editor, Don.beal@eku.edu 
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY 

Dr. David Gilmore, DCGILMOR@email.uncc.edu 
University of North Carolina Charlotte 

Out-going Members 
Dr. Jo Ann Lee, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, NC jolee@email.uncc.edu 
Dr. Julie Lipovsky, The Citadel, Charleston, SC Julie.Lipovsky@Citadel.edu 
Dr. Mark Ashcraft, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH m.ashcraft@csuohio.edu 



This newsletter is being sent not only to those master's programs that are members of CAMPP, but to a broad range of non-member programs as well. We want to let you know that we exist - if you didn't know this already - and encourage you to consider joining. CAMPP is more than simply a "one issue" organization - although that one issue, fostering the advancement of master's level training, including issues of practice and licensing, is central. Other important CAMPP issues involve the curriculum oversight and training standards, encouragement for master's programs to pursue accreditation through MPAC (Masters in Psychology Accreditation Council), and continued lobbying for acknowledgement of the important role served by M.A. training programs in psychology. In its meetings during September, 2001, the Executive Committee of CAMPP continued its discussion of another important issue, that of supervision standards and practices in M.A. training programs. Join CAMPP, the only national organization specifically devoted to issues of importance in applied master's training in psychology.


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