Council of Applied Master's Programs in Psychology 

CAMPP, the Council of Applied Master’s Programs in Psychology, is the only national organization primarily devoted to the appropriate recognition of Master’s-level applied psychology training programs and to the representation of these programs before other organizations whose policies and practices affect Master’s-level psychology.

It is the Mission of the Council of Applied Master’s Programs in Psychology to increase the confidence of the professional psychology community and the public in the education and training of Applied Master’s-Level Psychologists by:

1. Establishing general standards of education and training;

2. Encouraging and helping training programs to meet these standards;

3. Certifying compliance with the standards;

4. Communicating with the public about these standards;

5. Advocating for CAMPP programs to  the professional psychology community.

Although CAMPP has established training standards for applied Master’s programs, it is not an accreditation body. Please refer to Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council:  http://www.mpcacaccreditation.org/for accreditation issues

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